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Optimising SEO content with the Hemingway Editor

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Before you do anything before writing, write with no distractions. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, research or any other tools.
Hemingway editor app
We use the Hemingway editor and app whenever we write new content. It is an integral tool in how we write SEO content. It helps us write content that is easy to understand, readable, and engaging to our audiences.
The Hemingway Editor or App is an excellent tool for SEO.
Before we get started, there are two versions of the Hemingway editor, these are:
– Free version (website app)
– Paid desktop version (Hemingway editor version 3). One-time fee of USD $19.99 or, at the time of writing, AUD 29.65.
We use the paid version as it has more available features and gives you greater flexibility.

5 Tips on optimising SEO content with the Hemingway EditorKey takeaways 

  • The Hemingway Editor is an integral tool for optimising SEO content.
  • Reading content out loud can help identify awkward phrasing and make writing more concise.
  • Using short and simple sentences and formatting tools can increase readability.
  • The grade level readability score helps gauge the difficulty of the text and aims for a score between 6 and 9.
  • Eliminating unnecessary adverbs and using active voice can improve the flow and engagement of content.

Write a Better Content with Hemingway Editor

Suppose you’re looking for an effective tool to help optimise your content writing for SEO. In that case, the Hemingway Editor can be a great option. This tool can assist in strengthening your writing. Ensuring your content is optimised for increased search engine visibility. Learn how to use the Hemingway Editor for SEO with these five easy tips.

1. Read the content out loud

After we have written our first draft, distraction-free by toggling to the write/edit view, you need to take the next step.
 One tip for using the Hemingway Editor for SEO is to read the content out loud. Silly as it may sound, but this is a good tip. By reading out loud, you can identify sections that may not flow or sound awkward and need fixing. Also, try substituting words or phrases to make your writing more concise. The Hemingway Editor will suggest alternative words and highlight long sentences so you can make edits accordingly.

PRO TIP: Take time when reading, and remember about spelling mistakes or grammar later. If you can't speak out loud, do so under your breath. Read the entire article before you come back and make any required edits.

2. Use short and simple sentences to increase readability

The Hemingway Editor can help make your content more concise. For SEO purposes, it’s important to keep sentences short and readable. Where necessary, consider using an active voice more so than a passive voice. Readability increases when you break long paragraphs into shorter chunks. Use formatting options like bullet points and headings. By following these tips, you can make sure your SEO content is readable. Understandable and comprehensive for SEO optimisation. When your content is confusing and hard to read, the likely hood of it appearing on page 1 of Google is slim. Think about it this there are 600 million blogs on the internet.

PRO TIP: When writing incorporate the Word Counter. It helps count words and improve word choice and writing styles.

3. Check for a grade-level readability score

The grade level readability score is an accurate means of checking how difficult your text is to read. Aim for a score between 5 and 8 to ensure it’s suitable for all audiences. The “Grade Level” also includes phrases that may be too technical even for advanced readers. Use simple words and phrases throughout your content if you want greater engagement.
The Australian Government says to write at grade 7 or age 12 to 14 years old.

In Australia:

  • about 44% of adults read at literacy level 1 to 2 (a low level)
  • 38% of adults read at level 3
  • about 15% read at level 4 to 5 (the highest level).
Source: Australian Government style manual.
hemingway app grade level

PRO TIP: Writing at a 15th-grade level is no better than writing in 9th-grade. You are only just likely to confuse your readers and make it much harder to read and understand.

4. End Unnecessary Adverbs and Passive Voice Use

Make your content more engaging and easier to read. Active voice is critical when optimising content to rank high in SERPs for SEO. The Hemingway content writer helps improve the flow and clarity of writing. It can help identify passages containing too many adverbs and sentences using passive voice. Consider deleting extra adverbs when you find any passive voice or extra adverbs. Revise the sentence to use active voice instead.

PRO TIP: As a writer, think about verbs as the blissful sun in your writing, the secret sauce to your article/blog. But, adverbs can be like kryptonite to superman.

5. Use active voice, clear sentences, and short paragraphs

The Hemingway Editor can help you ensure your content is clear, direct, and engaging. The editor highlights overly long or complex sentences you can revise to be shorter and straightforward. Additionally, it highlights passive voice, easily replacing it with active voice. Try to keep paragraphs short and concise. We Make them easy to understand so that our readers can digest the information more instantly.

PRO TIP: It s recommended to keep sentences to no more than 30 words long. Short sentences allow your readers to remember more about what they are reading. Doing this will keep readers engaged longer. Bonus Pro Tip: We import our content into the paid version of Grammarly. Check for spelling, grammar and flow of sentences.

BONUS PRO TIP: We import our content into the paid version of Grammarly. Check for spelling, grammar and flow of sentences.

As always, feedback is welcome. Contact us with any questions about how to grow your law firm with any of these proven methods.

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