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Online marketing might not be a lawyer’s strong suit, and attracting clients online who truly align with what you provide can be challenging.

This is where our SEO services come into play. The LawSEO team is here to assist your law firm in bringing qualified clients directly to you, whether in person or online. By leveraging our expertise in SEO, we ensure your practice is visible to the right audience, enhancing your online presence and client acquisition efforts.

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Search engine optimisation

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Increase Website Traffic

For family lawyers seeking to connect with potential clients, our cutting-edge online marketing strategies promise to increase your visibility and attract a more engaged audience. We understand your unique challenges in reaching clients who genuinely need your expertise and compassion.

Let us be the solution that bridges this gap, driving meaningful traffic to your website and converting visitors into clients. Become a law firm that adopts technology just like our clients have, and now they enjoy a steady stream of new clients.

Position Your Firm as an Authority

In today’s digital age, family lawyers face the challenge of standing out in a crowded online marketplace to connect with clients who need their services the most. Recognising the pivotal role of content in SEO and client acquisition, we offer unique solutions that increase your online presence through strategic, high-quality content. By enhancing your website with informative and empathetic content, we improve your SEO rankings and establish your firm as a trustworthy authority in family law, attracting and securing the right clients.

Consider the success story of one of our clients. We create high-quality content for them every month, and in just a short period, their walk-ins and consultations saw a significant increase, all within three months.


Your Website as an asset

Transform your website into a powerful client-generating tool with our specialised approach for family lawyers seeking new clients. Our strategy focuses on optimising your site’s structure to highlight your expertise and services, paired with clear, compelling Calls to Action (CTA) that guide potential clients towards taking the first step. By effectively showcasing your knowledge and compassion in family law, we create a seamless path for visitors to become clients, ensuring your website works tirelessly on your behalf.

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Our five-steps SEO law system sets our clients up for success

We have developed a five-step search engine optimisation strategy that consistently produces results for our clients in the legal industry. Following these stages sets them up to rank on all major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Step 1: Keyword research

Keyword research is foundational to any local SEO strategy. We will develop an in-depth understanding of competitive keywords, their search volume, Google ad cost-per-click (CPC) and more. A detailed report will be produced for you, including related keywords and organic search results.

Step 2: Your Google and Bing business profiles

Getting your business listed on Google Maps and Bing Maps requires a Bing Business and My Google Business profile. Consistency is critical, and we will ensure your details are accurate and identical across all platforms to avoid conflicts.

Step 3: On-site SEO optimisation

We leverage SEO software to take the guesswork out of ranking parameters, allowing us to craft content that ranks higher in a shorter time. High-quality content helps you achieve organic search results to reach prospective clients better.

Step 4: Off-site optimisation

We identify the most relevant high-ranking directories on which to register your business to get the most benefit from their domain authority across all search engines. Longer-term actions include link-building and other strategies to increase search engine authority.

Step 5: Technical optimisation

Our SEO services monitor your law firm’s website traffic and other data through software such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. We will also track your website’s performance and fix any errors immediately.

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What sets us apart from the rest?

Running a family law firm is difficult enough without worrying about an SEO campaign. What you need is an agency specialising in law firm SEO services. As law firm SEO experts, let us handle your local SEO and get your legal services ranking in local search results.

Niche Experience

LawSEO specialises in working with Family Lawyers in Australia. We know exactly what these lawyers need and how to market them so their firm stands out as the best choice in their local area.

Guaranteed Results

With years of experience working with Family Lawyers, we’ve developed SEO and Web Design strategies that have successfully increased the number of potential clients for our family law clients.

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3 clients per location

That’s right. We only take on three clients in each area. This is because we want your firm to become the top choice for family law in your local area.


How to avoid a bad law firm SEO Services experience

You understand the importance of SEO but didn’t achieve the results you anticipated when you worked with another agency. You ranked poorly after months of SEO efforts, and your business had no material difference. There are many reasons why these programs don’t work out. These reasons include:

Making long-term promises of good ranking

Guaranteeing the top spot for any keyword or phrase over the long term is an entirely spurious promise. As software and content get tweaked, the ranking order will inevitably get reshuffled. Search engine algorithms change, as do the web pages of your competitors.

This constant change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over time, specific keywords may become irrelevant to you. However, it’s unrealistic to expect to rank highly for a search term over a long time. An effective SEO agency will constantly reassess its approach in light of the shifting online landscape.

Getting involved with link schemes

While any SEO specialist would acknowledge that link building is essential, how you do it is equally as crucial. Link-building schemes will destroy your credibility and potentially even get you unindexed. These schemes incorporate you into a link farm, usually for a fee, as a way to improve your SEO. Search engines aren’t stupid, though; you will be found out and punished if you participate.

Search engines like Google hate spam and will only reward you for gaining links from relevant websites. Achieving genuine links from websites that genuinely believe in what you do is more difficult but will ultimately provide much more benefit.

If an SEO agency tries to convince you with easy backlinks, run for the hills. Nothing in quality white hat SEO practices is easy or cheap.

Not understanding your industry

Every industry is different and requires a different SEO approach. An agency must take the time to get to know your industry and your business’s place inside it. Without this knowledge, they won’t understand the ranking factors necessary to get you to the top of page one. They may not care enough and want to achieve the bare minimum for you and leave, which is also relevant to the next point.

If possible, it’s worth working with an SEO specialist with expertise in your field. Even then, it’s still essential for them to fully understand your business’s unique position. You’re in good hands knowing that our copywriters and owner have excellent knowledge of The Family Law Book written by Robert Glad-Wright.

No ongoing maintenance

SEO is not a one-and-done activity. Algorithms change, and so does the competition. What works today may not work tomorrow. If an agency thinks they can set up business websites and walk away, they clearly don’t understand SEO fundamentals.

Practical SEO efforts need constant reevaluation and the ability to act quickly to rectify any issues and take advantage of any opportunities. This strategizing requires clear and open communication. An SEO agency should follow up with you and provide ongoing updates and support. If they aren’t, they are likely only interested in short-term gain and are not worth your money.


It's time to take action

We are passionate about helping family lawyers take their law firm to the next level. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our results.

Eliminate substandard SEO

We understand that you may have had negative experiences with SEO campaigns before with their black hat practices. Subpar performance from unprofessional agencies is inexcusable. However, it doesn’t change the fact that effective white hat law firm SEO is essential to your firm’s survival in the modern online world. It shouldn’t take potential clients more than a quick google search to find your practice. 


Let us handle your SEO

As we’ve said already, we know that your time is precious. You have your priorities, which means shelving anything that isn’t critically important. It may be tempting to put SEO into this category to spend more time with clients. That’s perfectly understandable. However, rather than highlighting the irrelevance of SEO, this demonstrates the value of partnering with an experienced SEO expert.


Law firm focused SEO

At Law SEO, we pride ourselves on serving family law professionals. But, we don’t spread ourselves across the entire legal industry. We don’t apply our SEO law systems to commercial or criminal law areas. We specialise solely in the highly complex area of family law. This focus allows us to hit the ground running when we first interact with you. Of course, we still take the time to understand your particular circumstances. But we don’t need to spend valuable time getting up-to-speed on the state of the industry.


Stay ahead of the pack

In our experience, family law firms are especially cognisant of how important it is to achieve high search engine rankings. If you want to compete, you need to match that energy. With our proven SEO strategy, You’ll be first in organic search results sooner than you think.

Australian based SEO

When you sign with us, we will provide an upfront SEO report. This report will detail the current competitive landscape, a rundown of the top keywords to target, and a website audit completely free of charge.

Limited SEO spots available

We prioritise quality over quantity in everything we do. To maintain the quality of our service, we can only accept a limited number of clients. We offer our services to one client per city, so if you want to work with us, time is limited.

Just picture it: this is your websites new traffic.

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Family Law is our expertise, and we guarantee you will get results once you partner with us. 

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The Team Focused on Helping You Reach More Paying Clients

At LawSEO, we focus on helping our clients achieve their goals. Whether booking 21-plus clients monthly or helping you work less in the business and more on it.  

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We confidently say this as our clients keep partnering with us and remain satisfied with their results.

Make your firm the first choice for families seeking legal guidance in your area.

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What is going wrong with our law firm?

At LawSEO, we’ve created a unique system for family lawyers. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot from working with our clients. We developed our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) plan that helps family lawyers get noticed online. We also design websites that are good at turning visitors into clients. However, more than having an excellent website is needed to get many people to visit it. Use the right SEO keywords specific to family law so that the right people find your website when looking for help.

If you’re asking yourself this question, the problem isn’t the quality of your service. The problem is getting your service in front of the right people.

That’s where Law SEO will achieve customised results for you with our proven SEO systems.

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