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Marketing in law is crucial for success in today’s competitive market. Invest in social media advertising, create engaging content, stay current on trends, and allocate a budget for marketing campaigns. Google Ads is a great starting point for law firms looking to grow their client base. A good marketing agency can help you to achieve your goals.

  • Marketing in law is essential for modern law firms to gain a competitive edge and expand their client base.
  • Use social media platforms and create compelling content to effectively market your brand.
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging trends in legal marketing to remain ahead of the competition.
  • Invest around 3% to 10% of gross revenue in marketing and set specific budgets for each campaign.
  • Google Ads and similar social media advertising are a good starting point for law firm marketing strategies.

20 law clients per month through marketing in law

Marketing in law is an increasingly important aspect of modern law firms. Especially as lawyers look to gain a competitive edge and expand their client base. Marketing tools make it easier to market your brand in 2023. Today many solicitors and lawyers are taking advantage of these times.
It’s important to be equipped with the skills necessary to market themselves and their services effectively. This includes social media platforms for advertising. Creating compelling content that engages potential clients, and developing strategies for targeting specific audiences. Furthermore, it requires staying up-to-date on emerging trends in legal marketing. In doing so, lawyers can remain ahead of the competition. By mastering these tools, solicitors can ensure they provide their client’s a higher level of service. Continual quality service while broadening their reach within the law industry.
Marketing and law are essential parts of the business. Law firms have plenty of opportunities to market themselves and advertise their accomplishments. It is important to allocate around 3% to 10% of firm’s revenue to marketing. A good practice is to set specific budgets for each marketing campaign. Remember these percentages will be different according to each business’s goals.

Where should I start with a law firm marketing plan?

In this post, we have briefly touched on law firm marketing strategies. Every firm is at a different stage in business. If you’re starting, Google Ads, Bing Ads and social media advertising are likely your best start. This doesn’t mean you ignore SEO or similar marketing campaigns. If you do, you’ll likely make mistakes along the way. All of our clients undergo a 36-page strategy report which looks at all parts of their business. This sets the framework for a systemised marketing in law plan that can be rolled out at different stages of the business’s life cycle.

Invest in Google Ads to get your law firm’s name out there

New or established law firms should focus on Google Ads or similar social media advertising.
Investing in Google Ads is super important for any modern law firm that aims to grow its client base. Google Ads is an online marketing tool. It can help target prospective clients, and increase visibility for law firms. With strategically placed text and display ads. Access to keyword targeting and detailed analytics, Google Adwords can generate more leads for your law firm. At low cost (if you have the right offer) for high return potential. Google ads has established itself as the number 1 choice of law firms looking to attract, engage and convert new clients. If you are approaching it with a DIY hat, start small. Learn, research and tweak your ads. Reflect on what worked and what didn’t. Your offer is the key.
Give it a try and realise the possibilities of an immediate boost in your law firm’s client conversions.
As a marketing agency for lawyers, we can help with Google Ads. Reach out if you would like 20 plus new clients. Kickstart your law firm marketing strategy with Google Ads.

PRO TIP: When setting up Google Ads, target the right audience; demographics, geography and household income. We focus on niche keywords for our campaigns and avoid broad matches.

Start strong with Law firm marketing and SEO.

Marketing in law has grown to an unprecedented level. Law firms scramble to compete for clients in a highly competitive market. This is where a specialised marketing agency like LawSEO can help law firms get ahead of their competition. We effectively drive systemised initiatives and take their marketing to another level. One way is with SEO. A good marketing agency can increase its client’s visibility through search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO strategies tailored to a specific legal niche. Targeting relevant keywords and phrases. For example, family lawyer Sydney (suburb), family lawyer services Sydney, or divorce services Sydney. Target keywords that contain your local suburb. Create relevant, engaging content on your site. We take that extra step towards optimising law firm websites with SEO. By doing so, our clients have an edge when potential clients decide where to take their business. With an effective marketing in law strategy in place, there’s no reason your law firm shouldn’t be able to attract more clients and win more cases.

PRO TIP: Before you create an amazing law firm website, start social media marketing or hit go on your ads. First dive deep into an SEO and sales strategy report. SEO will help you discover your competitors, keyword search volume, backlink strategies and more.


Create informative blog content that answers common legal questions

When it comes to lawyer marketing, knowing where to focus your efforts can be difficult. One effective way to stand out is by creating informative blog content that answers common legal questions. Not only does this provide valuable information for potential clients. It also establishes you as an authoritative lawyer in the field. Which forms a part of Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness algorithm. In fact, Google refers to E-A-T more than 100 times in its 15th December 2022 Search Quality Evaluation Guidelines. In addition, law firm SEO that includes regular blog posts keeps you top of mind. It helps establish yourself as a reliable source of knowledge in the legal industry. Writing blog posts that answer common legal questions can be helpful content for your clients. Google’s helpful content system is quoted as saying ‘our automated ranking systems is there to better ensure people see original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results’.
Does your law firm include Google E-A-T as part of your marketing in law plan?

PRO TIP: If you're stuck for ideas on what to write, head over to chatGPT and ask this question. 'I'm stuck for ideas. Can you please suggest 10 Family law blog topics that would be helpful for divorced couples and form a part of Google's Helpful content system algorithm?'

suggest family law blog topics

Then I asked ChatGPT, 'Can you revise this list and ensure that each of these topics is a high search volume in Google by divorced clients? It explained that wasn't really possible but it still revised the list! Boom, i have some decent ideas to research their potential.

please revise this list for search volume

Make use of social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook

Connecting to potential clients through social media offers a great marketing in law opportunity for lawyers. LinkedIn and Facebook are two of the best sites for this. The age group for divorce males averages 40 to 50 years and 40 to 44 years for females. These age groups match both Facebook and LinkedIn’s target age group. Law firms can promote their services, expand their reach, and build relationships with potential leads. You’ll do so by creating a presence and interacting across these platforms. Leads who weren’t even aware they had a need for legal representation are now contacting your firm. The rewards far outstrip any effort or cost required to manage a social marketing presence. If done correctly, it can be one of the most effective ways to market your family law services in 2023 and beyond.

PRO TIP: When creating social media posts, think of what might be helpful to your clients. Posting a picture of you having lunch or coffee at a cafe helpful? I think not. A blank affidavit pdf, I think, yes. Sending an update on the local weather? I think not. Posting a link about a new co-parenting app? Indeed helpful. When posting updates to our clients, we think is this content helpful and authentic.

Develop relationships with local media outlets and pitch story ideas regularly

For law firms looking to gain publicity and build relationships with local media outlets, it’s essential to research and craft compelling story ideas. Although a law firm marketing agency can help, it is important for law firms to regularly pitch their story ideas to media members. Law firms can proactively engage with local media outlets to ensure that reporters are better aware of their services. Reporters are maybe more willing to utilise them as a source for stories or experts to interview. An active role in developing relationships will increase visibility and set you up as an authority in your legal space. It is important to note appearing in local media can play a big part in improving your SEO with high-authority backlinks.

PRO TIP: If you have a friend or a business acquaintance who has a relationship with a local media or news outlet. Ask them to introduce you to them.

In conclusion, focus on your strengths and get creative

Creating a successful legal services website takes careful planning, creativity and effort. By creating a website design that reflects your brand coupled with ongoing SEO, clients should be able to find you online. Additionally, investing in Google AdWords and creating informative blog content will help you attract, engage and convert more clients. Don’t forget about social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with potential clients. Lastly, consider connecting with local media outlets and regularly sending story ideas so that you can become active in your local community.
These strategies need a lot of time and investment, but the rewards of 120 plus extra clients yearly are well worth it.

Creativity is the key

Creativity is thinking outside the box, developing unique solutions and ideas, and creating something new. It can be a valuable asset in any field of work or endeavour, but it’s often overlooked or even discouraged. Unfortunately, many people don’t realise creativity can be developed with good practice and focus

What type of law firm do you run? Let me know in the comments!

As always, feedback is welcome. Contact us with any questions about how to grow your law firm with any of these proven methods.

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