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Why Keyword Research For Lawyers Is Important? (Marketing Guide)

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If you are a family law firm located in Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, one of the initial steps you should take is to research relevant keywords for your practice before creating any content.

Our approach involves proposing targeted keywords to our clients and seeking their approval. This ensures that we do not simply guess and shoot in the dark, but instead involve our clients in the process to achieve the desired results.

This blog post will discuss why keyword research for lawyers is so important and how family law firms can use it to their advantage.

Key takeaways 

  1. Family lawyer keywords research is an essential tool for family law firms in Australia. It allows them to identify potential clients and understand their specific needs. 
  2. Keyword research helps you target the right people. By tailoring content, firms can stand out from the competition and boost their online visibility.
  3. SEO strategy reports are important to keyword research. 
  4. Research should identify potential clients looking for family law services in Australia. It will provide an understanding of the language they use when searching.

Keyword research for lawyers is essential for any business especially for law firms. You can create optimised content for search engines by researching keywords related to your services. Doing this increases your chances of appearing in the top search engine results pages (SERPs).

The legal industry is competitive, and you must stand out to attract new clients.

Moreover, family lawyer keywords can help you identify potential new clients. New clients who are looking for services in your local suburb.

PRO TIP: Keyword research should be one of your first tasks on your SEO checklist. Do this inside your SEO strategy report. At the same time ensure your Google Analytics, Tag Manager and reporting dashboards are setup.

Example of keywords to target if you are in Brisbane area:

  • Family law firm Brisbane”
  • “Divorce lawyer Brisbane”
  • “Child custody lawyer Brisbane”
  • “Property settlement lawyer Brisbane”
  • “Domestic violence lawyer Brisbane”
  • “Suburb name” + “family law firm” (e.g. “Ashgrove family law firm”)
  • “Suburb name” + “divorce lawyer” (e.g. “Caboolture divorce lawyer”)
  • “Suburb name” + “child custody lawyer” (e.g. “Ipswich child custody lawyer”)
  • “Suburb name” + “property settlement lawyer” (e.g. “Annerley property settlement lawyer”)
  • “Suburb name” + “domestic violence lawyer” (e.g. “Mitchelton domestic violence lawyer”)

By understanding how people search for law services, we can create more relevant content tailored to our client’s needs. Making it easier for potential customers to find law firms online. Increasing the chances of landing new business.


PRO TIP: When looking for family lawyer keywords, use Google, ChatGTP, and Bing. Take note of some of the questions asked and what Google displays in your search bar as you type.

Importance of understanding keywords

It’s all good to come up with a keyword list. But is there anyone searching for those lawyer keywords? The search volume for a keyword you think would be right might not be. Various factors can be at play when selecting a keyword to target. A new website might target the low volume at first or long tail keywords.

A more established lawyer should target these example keywords (family lawyers):

keyword research for lawyers in Brisbane

Image: Brisbane Family Lawyer keywords search

family lawyer keywords melbourne family law

Image: Melbourne Family Lawyer keywords search
family lawyer keywords sydney keyword research
Image: Sydney Family Lawyer keywords search
perth family lawyer keywords research
Image: Perth Family Lawyer keywords search

PRO TIP: Keyword research wont be the same for a new website like it is for an established website. We use for our keyword research. Contact us if you would like to learn more about keyword research for your law firm.

What areas of the business should we focus on?

Additionally, keyword research can help you to determine which areas of family law you should focus on. By researching the keywords related to different areas of family law, such as divorce, mediation, and child custody disputes, you can decide which topics are most important. This approach will help your firm target the right people with your content and optimise for the right keywords.

At LawSEO, all of our clients undergo a 36-page SEO strategy report. The report dives deep into every aspect of their businesses; sales, customer avatars, financial goals and SEO. Keyword research is an essential step in our SEO strategy reports. Ultimately, keyword research is a key tool for family law firms in Australia. It is how we grow our clients’ businesses and ensure they stand out from the competition.

These are some SEO strategy report examples we use for our clients:


Image: Client cover SEO strategy report

SEO Strategy-ORIGINAL-table of contents

Image: SEO strategy report table of contents


Image: Sales and marketing section of SEO report.

PRO TIP: Before you do anything you should put aside time to work on an SEO strategy report. Contact LawSEO if you would like to learn more about SEO strategy reports.

What are the 10 benefits of keyword research for lawyers?

We don’t need much convincing when you read some of the benefits of keyword research:

  1. Ability to identify potential clients looking for family law services in Australia.
  2. Discover the language that people use when searching for family law services.
  3. Content is optimised for SERPs and tailored to the needs of potential clients.
  4. Stand out from the competition by targeting the right people with engaging content.
  5. Determine which areas your law firms should focus on.
  6. It sets you up to deliver an effective SEO strategy report.
  7. Boost website visibility by providing valuable insights into what people search for in Google.
  8. It helps your website rank higher in SERPs, so potential clients can easily find you.
  9. Comprehend the specific needs of those seeking out family law services.
  10. You will convert a higher number of clients.


In conclusion, the importance of keyword research for lawyers must be considered. By understanding the keywords potential clients use, you can create specific content. Content that is tailored to their needs. Thus ensuring your firm stands out from the competition.

Keyword research provides insights into what people are searching for. Enabling you to determine which areas of family law your firm should focus on. Ultimately, keyword research is a key tool for family law firms in Australia and can be used to boost website visibility, convert more clients, and set your firm up for success.

What type of keywords do you target for your family law firm? Let me know in the comments!

PRO TIP: Don't be overwhelmed, start small and add more keywords to your list of targeted keywords. People make the mistake of targeting too many keywords, ranking for very few. We target a smaller number of keywords that drive client sales.

As always, feedback is welcome. Contact us with questions on how we grow our client law firms with SEO.

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