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SEO for elite Australian family lawyers who want to 10x their business

family law seo for elite Australian lawyers.

Family Law SEO for Elite Australian lawyers is how we help you book more clients by growing 50% in 12 months. Search engine optimization is often misunderstood. Many who don’t appreciate its importance will say it’s unnecessary, convoluted, and expensive. However, search engine rankings can determine the success or failure of almost any business.



Importance of family law SEO for legal firms


Family law is an extremely competitive legal industry. Lawyers are highly specialised, and clients want to find their ideal fit. Effective SEO for lawyers will help you stand out from a hotly contested pack.

Targeting the right market

Law firms typically get clients from their local area. You won’t appear in local search results without proper local SEO. An appropriate SEO strategy focuses on keywords related to your geographic location. This focus means more relevant traffic and better conversion.

Everyone’s online

The world wide web is now the ultimate information repository. Search engines like Google are generally the first place people look for services. This fact is especially true for family lawyers.

Family law is a complex field. People seeking legal advice want in-depth information about your services. Testimonials are also valuable. People expect this information to be available online. When potential clients search the web, you must be on top of the search engine results pages.

What does specialised family law firm SEO involve?

Law firm website optimisation

Optimising a law firm’s website is vital. Onsite optimisation involves increasing SEO by improving your website’s content and structure. There are several elements to consider.

Keyword research

Keyword research is the basis of any SEO strategy. We target keywords based on their competitiveness and search volume. This ensures we find the most relevant search terms for your location.

Web content

By analysing keyword frequency on competitor websites, we can craft better content to your competition. Doing so communicates greater professionalism and expertise. Demonstrating these qualities builds client trust and improves your reputation.

Site audit

Site audits involve technical SEO, ensuring your website speaks to search engines. We’ll monitor your website’s traffic and functionality using software such as Google Analytics and Google search console. We will review meta descriptions and tags and have your site indexed properly.

Audits also look at site structure. The purpose is to improve UX (user experience) through optimal design. For example, we look at clean page layouts, button locations, and prominent calls to action. Prospective clients should find the information they need and contact you easily.

Offsite optimisation

SEO extends beyond your website. Effective family law SEO programs raise awareness for your website and its place online.

Business profiles and directories

A Bing Business and My Google Business profile puts your law firm on search engine maps. This on-map presence is essential. We will guarantee you are present on all relevant directories. We will also ensure consistent and accurate information across directories.


Generating high-quality backlinks with trusted sources increases your profile. Backlinks show your expertise and respect in the online community.

Misconceptions about SEO

There are some basic misconceptions about SEO and its role in a business. We want to dispel some of them here.

SEO is too expensive

Anything is expensive when you don’t understand the value it contributes. Let’s look at some statistics for context. Two statistics are particularly relevant:

Organic search results account for 51% of website traffic (source).


90.63% of web pages get zero organic traffic (source).

What does this tell us? A tiny amount of online content receives the vast majority of organic traffic. That’s significant, considering organic traffic accounts for 40% of revenue (source). Also, consider this:

First-page search results receive 95% of the traffic (source).

Even more alarming is the top result receives 32.5% of the traffic. This shows that you must be on page one to benefit from organic traffic. How do you get there? S…E…O.

One more stat for the road: businesses that spent at least $500 per month on SEO were more satisfied with their results than businesses that spent less (source).

You get what you pay for.

SEO is too complicated

A lot goes into SEO strategies. We understand most law firms can’t handle it in-house. That’s why services like ours exist to help remove the stress and confusion from your SEO efforts.

Working with a digital marketing agency specialising in done-for-you family law SEO lets you focus on delivering the best legal services.

My services are best-in-class. I don’t need SEO

Let’s say you need an upholsterer. Do you know who the best upholsterer in your area is off the top of your head? What’s their phone number or email? If you don’t know that information, how would you find out? By Googling it, of course.

Many prospective clients will be approaching a family lawyer for the first time. This means they likely won’t know the field or the major competitors. Inevitably, they’ll turn to the internet for answers. When they do, you want your firm front and centre.

Contact us today to use our services for your family law success.

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