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7 Best SEO Companies in Australia for Family Lawyers 2023 (Updated)

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The legal sector has unique considerations when it comes to SEO strategies. Law firms face a competitive field with strict ethical standards. To achieve successful SEO, law firms must find an SEO company that understands their specialisation. To help family law firms find the right SEO agency, we have compiled the seven best SEO companies in Australia for Family Lawyers. If you are a family law firm looking to increase your digital reach and improve conversions, these agencies can help.

Who are the best SEO companies in Australia?

  • SEO Sydney Experts
  • AEK Media
  • Lift Legal Marketing
  • LawUE
  • PK SEO
  • Searcht
  • LawSEO

If you want an effective SEO strategy for your firm, book an obligation-free 30-minute consultation.

SEO Sydney Experts

SEO Sydney Experts is a leading force in the digital marketing landscape, particularly for law firms in Sydney. With their digital marketing manager, clients are assured. Their tailored approach for lawyers emphasises the significance of visibility on Google. This is vital given the increasing trend of online legal service searches. With a commitment to transparency and results, they offer jargon-free solutions. This ensures law firms can navigate the complexities of SEO with ease and confidence. Their strategies are designed to generate substantial online traffic for Sydney lawyers. This focus translates to increased client inquiries and revenue growth.

LawSEO - Seo sydney experts

Who is the agency for

For law firms seeking a trustworthy and hands-on SEO partner to enhance their online visibility and drive organic growth.

Key Services

  1. Business-friendly SEO packages with no lock-in contracts.
  2. Comprehensive monthly reporting.
  3. On-page and off-page optimisation.
  4. Content creation and digital marketing services.
  5. Link building with high DA backlinks.
  6. Keyword research and competitor analysis.
  7. Technical SEO and website audits.

Why we like them

  1. Their proven track record of delivering results. Their top-ranking position for competitive keywords like “SEO Sydney.”
  2. The agency’s commitment to transparency, honesty, and building trust ensures clients are always in the loop.
  3. They have over 18 years of experience. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise ensures law firms receive strategies tailored to their needs.

AEK Media

AEK Media, Australia’s award-winning growth agency, specialises in law firm digital marketing. Their end-to-end solutions are designed to convert qualified leads. This positions law firms as leaders in their legal specialty. They have global recognition for transforming boutique law firms into industry leaders. AEK Media’s strategies encompass a holistic approach. They leverage social channels, ensuring firms are discovered, engaged, and remembered. They are committed to exclusivity, representing only one client per practice area. This provides tailored strategies and undivided attention. Their deep understanding of the client’s journey and captivating digital narratives set them apart.

LawSEO - AEK Media

Who is the agency for

For law firms aiming to amplify their online presence and achieve real growth through strategic digital marketing campaigns.

Key Services

  1. Web development and design.
  2. Content Creation.
  3. Email Marketing.
  4. Paid Advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  6. Google & YouTube Advertising.
  7. Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Why we like them

  1. Their expertise in crafting digital narratives. This ensures law firms effectively communicate their unique selling points.
  2. They have a proven track record. They’ve achieved significant growth outcomes for various brands, showcasing their capability.
  3. Their comprehensive suite of services ensures law firms have all their digital marketing needs catered to under one roof.

If you want an effective SEO strategy for your firm, book an obligation-free 30-minute consultation.

Lift Legal Marketing

Lift Legal Marketing is a specialist digital agency. They elevate law firms’ online presence through strategic SEO. Lift Legal recognises the significance of top Google rankings. They emphasise the importance of being in the top three positions. This positioning can drive up to 34% more clicks. Their robust lawyer SEO services are meticulous. These services ensure law firms appear on Google’s first page and secure top rankings. They have a deep understanding of the legal sector’s nuances. Lift Legal Marketing’s strategies are tailored to resonate with potential clients. This drives more inquiries and conversions.

LawSEO - Lift Legal Marketing

Who is the agency for

For law firms aiming to enhance their online presence, drive more clients, and achieve top rankings on search engines.

Key Services

  1. Law Firm SEO to improve search engine rankings.
  2. Comprehensive SEO Audits.
  3. SEO FAQs to educate clients on optimisation processes.
  4. Strategies to skyrocket SEO rankings.

Why we like them

  1. Their specialised focus on law firm SEO ensures tailored strategies for legal professionals.
  2. Emphasis on achieving top three Google rankings, understanding its importance in driving traffic.
  3. Robust SEO services designed to drive more clients to law firms. This showcases their result-oriented approach.


LawUE is a standout marketing strategy company. They specialise in delivering exceptional search engine optimisation results for family law firms. Their approach emphasises the foundational element of technical SEO. This ensures websites are primed for optimal performance. LawUE recognises the importance of a positive user experience. They ensure sites have various optimisations. These include solid technical elements like swift page load speeds, search-friendly URL structures, and seamless device usability. Their expertise ensures that law firms rank well on search engines and offer a superior user experience. This makes them a top choice for family law firms.

LawSEO - Law UE

Who is the agency for

For law firms, especially those in family law, wills, and estates, aiming to enhance their online visibility and user experience.

Key Services

  1. Technical SEO audits and adjustments.
  2. Site structure optimisation.
  3. Page load speed enhancement.
  4. URL structure optimisation for search-friendliness.
  5. Mobile optimisation for seamless user experience.
  6. Why we like them
  7. Their specialised focus on law firm SEO ensures tailored strategies for legal professionals.
  8. Emphasis on technical SEO ensures a strong foundation for all subsequent optimisation efforts.
  9. Their understanding of search engines’ priorities ensures law firm websites are both search-friendly and user-friendly.


If you want to learn how to attract family law clients through SEO, check out our blog.


With nearly two decades of SEO experience, PK SEO is a seasoned digital marketing company. They have a deep understanding of SEO dynamics. Their proven track record ranking sites in competitive industries makes them a top choice for family law firms. PK SEO’s strategies are meticulously crafted to ensure law firms achieve top-page rankings on Google. This drives substantial organic traffic. Their emphasis on consistent on and off-page SEO and social media marketing ensures law firms gain trust, brand exposure, and a steady influx of potential clients.

Who is the agency for

For law firms seeking to enhance their online visibility, trust, and brand exposure through proven SEO strategies.

Key Services

  1. Organic SEO to drive significant traffic.
  2. On-page SEO with targeted off-page SEO strategies.
  3. Social media signal integration.
  4. Consistent brand exposure and trust-building.
  5. Comprehensive SEO strategies for law firms.

Why we like them

  1. Their vast experience of 18+ years in SEO showcases their reliability and expertise.
  2. Proven track record in ranking sites in competitive industries. This ensures law firms can trust their capabilities.
  3. Emphasis on long-term organic SEO strategies. This emphasis ensures sustainable growth and consistent page 1 ranking on Google.


Searcht is a leading SEO agency that propels law firms to the forefront of online searches. Their expertise in Google visibility, especially for law firms, ensures a dominant online presence. Simplifying the SEO process with a jargon-free approach makes online business growth straightforward and lucrative for law firms. Their strategies target the critical ‘local pack’ on Google, a prime real estate in search results. Additionally, their commitment to brand image enhancement ensures law firms capture the trust of potential clients researching online.

LawSEO - Searcht

Who is the agency for

Law firms seeking to outshine local competitors, enhance their Google brand image, and target potential clients researching online.

Key Services

  1. On-page optimisation and SERP analysis.
  2. Local SEO to target the ‘local pack’ on Google.
  3. Google brand image enhancement.
  4. Content strategy driven by SEO objectives.
  5. Google Ads management for targeted lead generation.

Why we like them

  1. Their comprehensive approach covers all aspects of SEO, from local listings to brand image enhancement.
  2. Recognised expertise, as evidenced by their awards and Google Partner certification.
  3. A commitment to transparency and long-term partnerships, ensuring consistent and sustainable results.


LawSEO is the pinnacle of SEO agencies tailored for family law firms in Australia. Their specialisation in family law SEO ensures unparalleled online growth and dominance in search results. With a commitment to exclusivity, they partner with only one law firm per city. This guarantees undivided attention and bespoke strategies. Their comprehensive five-step SEO system delivers top-tier results, from keyword research to technical optimisation. LawSEO has a deep understanding of the client’s journey. Combining this with their cutting-edge strategies, they are the top pick for family law firms seeking SEO excellence.

LawSEO - Lawseo homepage

Who is the agency for

Exclusively for family law firms in Australia. Any firm seeking unparalleled online growth and a dominant presence on search engines.

Key Services

  1. Customised digital marketing for family law growth.
  2. Comprehensive SEO strategies tailored for family law firms.
  3. On-site and off-site optimisation.
  4. Technical SEO monitoring and optimisation.
  5. Google and Bing business profile management.

Why we like them

  1. An exclusive focus on family law firms ensures deep industry knowledge and tailored strategies.
  2. Proven track record of delivering top search engine rankings for family law keywords.
  3. Comprehensive five-step SEO system that consistently produces results.
  4. Client testimonials attest to their expertise and results-driven approach.
  5. Their commitment to exclusivity. Working with only one law firm per city ensures undivided attention and optimal results.

If you want an effective SEO strategy for your firm, book an obligation-free 30-minute consultation.

How did we assess the best SEO companies in Australia for family law firms?

We considered various factors when determining the best SEO service for family law firms. Here are the key metrics we used for our review.

Performance Metrics

In the realm of SEO, tangible results are paramount. Performance metrics serve as a clear indicator of an agency’s capability. These metrics, which include organic traffic growth, keyword rankings, and conversion rates, provide a snapshot of the agency’s success in driving potential clients to a law firm’s website. An agency that consistently delivers on vital metrics demonstrates its effectiveness in the competitive digital landscape.

Niche Expertise

The field of family law is unique, with its challenges and client concerns. An agency’s deep understanding and specialisation in this niche are invaluable. This expertise ensures that the SEO strategies are tailored to resonate with individuals seeking family law services. From content creation to keyword targeting, niche expertise translates to a more effective and nuanced SEO approach.

Open Communication

The world of SEO can be complex, and for many law firms, navigating this landscape can be daunting. This is where open and transparent communication becomes essential. The best agencies prioritise keeping their clients informed. They provide regular updates and demystify the intricacies of SEO. A transparent approach fosters trust. This ensures a collaborative and fruitful partnership between the agency and the law firm.

Ethical Standards

Maintaining a firm’s reputation is of utmost importance in the sensitive realm of family law. Ethical SEO practices ensure a law firm’s online presence is built on integrity. This means avoiding tactics that might deliver quick results but harm a firm’s credibility in the long run. Adherence to best practices and industry standards ensures a law firm’s online growth is sustainable and reputable.

LawSEO -  best seo companies in australia

Why is LawSEO the top SEO company?

Let’s look at why LawSEO best satisfies the key metrics outlined above.

Performance Metrics

LawSEO consistently outperforms competitors in the most valuable local keywords. This allows family law firms to achieve unparalleled online visibility. Their meticulous attention to technical SEO ensures that websites are primed for optimal performance. This ranges from swift page load times to mobile responsiveness. This dedication to SEO’s qualitative and quantitative aspects showcases their commitment to delivering tangible results.

Niche Expertise

Many agencies offer broad SEO services. LawSEO stands out with its laser-focused specialisation in family law. This singular focus means they’re not just familiar with the family law landscape; they’re experts. Their strategies, content, and keyword targeting are all crafted to resonate with the unique needs and concerns of those seeking family law services.

Open Communication

From the very beginning, LawSEO prioritises understanding their clients’ needs. Their offer of a free 30-minute consultation ensures that they grasp each law firm’s unique challenges and goals. Beyond this initial interaction, LawSEO’s commitment to transparency is unwavering. Clients are kept in the loop, with strategy and content pathways monitored, evaluated, and communicated. This ensures a collaborative and informed partnership.

Ethical Standards

Given their sole focus on family law, LawSEO understands the ethical considerations inherent to this legal specialisation. They recognise the sensitivities and complexities of family law. They also ensure that their strategies boost online visibility and uphold the reputation and integrity of the law firms they represent.

LawSEO - Client testimonials

Would you like to learn how a client of LawSEO was able to earn $166,000 per month? Check out this blog here.

Bottom line

In the dynamic world of SEO for law firms, these agencies stand out for their tailored strategies and proven results. LawSEO emerges as the top contender. This is partly due to its exclusive focus on family law firms, ensuring unparalleled online dominance. Other agencies, like SEO Sydney Experts, AEK Media, and Lift Legal Marketing, have strengths, from transparency to holistic digital narratives. LawUE and PK SEO emphasise technical prowess and long-term organic growth. Searcht prioritises local visibility.

For family law firms in Australia, partnering with any of these agencies promises a significant online advantage. However, LawSEO is the ultimate choice for unmatched SEO excellence.

If you want an effective SEO strategy for your firm, book an obligation-free 30-minute consultation.

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