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5 Simple SEO Tactics Every Family Lawyer Should Try

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SEO is key to optimising family law websites. Ensuring your content is visible on search engine result pages is critical. As a family lawyer, it’s essential to stand out among competitors and present yourself as an authority in your field. Here are 5 simple SEO tips to help you get more visibility online and reach the right audience.

Key Takeaways from this blog post:

1. Research and incorporate relevant keywords. Add these to website content, URLs, and meta tags to optimise for search engines.2. Organise websites into a clear hierarchy. Do this to improve the user experience and the ranking of a website in search results.3. Use descriptive and keyword-rich meta titles. By doing so, you will establish relevancy with search engines. Encouraging users to click on website links.4. Build high-quality backlinks organically through content marketing and data-driven tactics.5. Create engaging and valuable content to attract and keep visitors coming back.  Now let’s get into it…

Find your relevant keywords

Before optimising your pages, research the keywords relevant to your practice. Finding the right Keywords can be tricky – it’s essential to find terms your target audience is searching for. Tools like Google Keyword Planner and can help you identify which keywords are most searched for in family law. Once you’ve identified them, aim to incorporate them into your content. Where possible, add these keywords to your page URL and title, H1, H2 and H3 tags, meta title and description.

PRO TIP: We use the Rankmath plugin, which makes it easy to analyse your pages for SEO strength.

rankmath plugin that effective for family lawyer on his SEO strategy

BONUS PRO TIP: When writing your content, use SurferSEO. It will guide you through the correct keywords to use on your page.

Set up a structured page hierarchy

A well-structured page hierarchy can help you bridge the gap between your audience and content. Make sure to organise your pages into specific content silos. Not only will this make it easier to rank for SEO, but your clients will love you for it. When your website is indexed, it will let the crawlers know how your content is structured. This will improve your ability to get ranked first in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Additionally, setting up your site’s hierarchy enables users to find what they want. Providing a better user experience.

PRO TIP: Use Surferseo’s Grow Flow feature to improve your website’s internal linking.

surferseo grow flow tips

Optimise your site’s meta titles

Meta title optimisation is important when ranking a family law website for SEO. Titles should be concise and descriptive, using relevant keywords and phrases related to family law. Additionally, include a call-to-action or use the right word balance. When writing the titles of our family lawyer clients, we use a good mix of power, emotional, common and uncommon words whenever possible. Using purposeful, keyword-based titles helps establish relevancy with search engines. It is easier to stand out from the competition. Search users will be encouraged to click on your links, which is the end goal.

PRO TIP: We use Coschedule Headline Studio to write better headlines that earn more clicks.


Create high-quality backlinks

Link building, or acquiring backlinks, is essential for family law SEO. Search algorithms consider them like votes from other websites. Backlink tactics can do the following:- enhance the trust and credibility of a website;- increase brand awareness;- promotion in SERPs; – attracts referral traffic.  LawSEO build links organically through content marketing, skyscraper, resource pages and ultimate guides. Or, we apply data-driven tactics, such as directory submissions, guest posting, and blog comments. When done right, you should expect to rank higher on SERPs while increasing visits to your site. Google says:

“Fighting link spam with SpamBrain,

SpamBrain is our AI-based spam-prevention system. Besides using it to detect spam directly, it can now detect both sites buying links, and sites used for the purpose of passing outgoing links.”

PRO TIP: Buying backlinks is never a good idea. In December 2022, Google released the link spam update which is a good reason why you should not buy links.

How to make your content more engaging

One effective SEO tactic to increase your website visibility is to create unique pages. Well-crafted content that targets specific keywords related you family law. Focus on developing content that provides value to your audience. Consider adding internal links from related pages to increase user engagement. Content should be informative, engaging, and helpful, so the readers keep coming back for more.

PRO TIP: Create a weekly/monthly writing schedule for your content.

– For example, write blogs on the following:

– Monday – Family Law tool like a co-parenting app;

– Tuesday – Helpful tips like how to get a divorce;

– Wednesday – Latest Family Law news

– Thursday – Publish a case study of a recent client success story
<br<- Friday – Write about something local. You could write a list of fun activities in your local area

– Monthly – Skyscrapper, ultimate guide or helpful resource

As always, feedback is welcome. Contact us with any questions about how to grow your law firm with any of these proven methods.

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