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Why Link Building For Law Firms Is Important? (Build Your Authority)

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Let me make this clear. LawSEO does not buy or use services for link building for law firms. We don’t encourage it either. Google uses link spam as an important factor in deciding the relevancy of a webpage.
Google says precisely this:
Any links intended to manipulate rankings in Google Search results may be considered link spam. This includes any behaviour that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.
The best way to generate quality backlinks is to publish helpful content that publishers organically cite.
We do this by following Google’s latest Creating helpful, reliable, people-first content update.
Google says when writing content to ask yourself this:
Who (created the content).
How (the content was created).
Why (was the content created).
Who-how-why google helpful content
Image: Google Search Central
Are you looking to boost your law firm’s search engine rankings? Link building is a crucial part of any law firm’s online presence. Building trust and credibility is one way of doing this.
This blog post will discuss proven strategies for building links to law firms.

Key takeaways

  • Link building is an essential element of any law firm’s web presence.
  • To improve your online presence, build links that give you authority and boost your search results.
  • Law firms can improve their Google ranking and domain authority by adding more relevant links to their website.
  • There are many ways to obtain links for your website. These might be guest posting, reaching out to site owners in emails, and using social media.

What Is Link Building?

Search engines use backlinks as an indicator of the trustworthiness and quality of a website. Think of a backlink as a vote from another site. Link building is acquiring links from other websites to improve rankings and, let’s face it, make more sales.
Quality is more important than quantity. In link building for law firms; acquiring links from reputable, high-authority sites will help your SEO efforts.
link building - backlinks

The importance of link building for law firms

A solid online presence is important for any law firm looking to stay competitive.
By building links to your website through guest posting, email outreach, and other link-building strategies, you can increase your law firm’s visibility within search engine results pages. (SERPs)

Benefits of link building for law firms

Here are some examples:

  • Increased Visibility – Higher authority websites that link to you have a good chance of increasing your visibility on the web. This will help improve your online visibility and increase traffic to your site.
  • Boosted Authority – Search engines use high-quality backlinks to signal the trustworthiness of a website. This makes your site more relevant when people search for related keywords, increasing your chances of success.
  • Improved SEO – Hyperlinks in shared posts or stories can help improve SEO efforts by directing users to specific pages on a website. This helps increase the chances of someone clicking a link to a desired website page.

How do you attract links to a website?

Let’s discuss how you can find and obtain links for your website. Here are some of the ways you can get links:
  • Guest PostingLook for guest posting opportunities by reaching out to publications in your area. Offer to write an article on their blog related to topics within your expertise. This is beneficial to both, as the publication will have new professionally written content, and the guest writer will receive an authoritative backlink from the post.
  • Email outreach – Many website owners will exchange links if the website fit is good. Create an email template and use this for your next outreach campaign.
  • Resource pagesLook for websites and blogs that have information about the same topics as you do. Reach out by asking if they could include a link from one of their pages pointing towards yours.
Always try and offer value first by suggesting ways you can work together. Don’t lead by taking. Offer something that is of value.
A simple way to find guest post opportunities is to run a few google search queries:
Family lawyer + “guest blog”/” guest post”
family lawyer + “write for us”
family lawyer + “guest article”
family lawyer + “submit an article”/” submit a guest post”
Link building for law firms: guest post blogging opportunities
Image: Google search query Family lawyer + “guest blog”/” guest post”
Give it a go, and get started on your first guest post.

Utilising social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help increase trustworthiness. Displaying followers or likes may lead to more website visitors becoming potential clients.

These networks also help with SEO efforts by allowing links to be included and directing people to specific pages on a website. This increases the chance that a user will click a link that leads them to your website’s content.


Link building is critical in building credibility and establishing trust with clients in the legal sector. Law firms can leverage link-building tactics to enhance their online visibility. The goal is to attract high-quality leads, resulting in improved conversion rates.
Law firms can elevate their website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) through a comprehensive approach to link building for law firms. They include guest posting on relevant industry blogs. Leveraging social media platforms to drive traffic and engagement. Offering valuable resources to their target audience. And reaching out to website owners to request backlinks. By implementing these strategies, law firms can boost their online presence and improve search engine visibility. This will increase visibility, attract high-quality leads, and improve conversion rates.
Use the knowledge you have learned from this blog. Take small steps, reach out to the available guest post opportunities, and discover the results yourself.
If you want tips on SEO, contact us via the contact us form.
Thanks for reading this far.

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