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Effective Client Strategy that works for you

Is your law firm stuck with a revenue ceiling? You’re not alone. Many lawyers seek that breakthrough but need help to grasp it.

LawSEO gets it. We’ve developed a client strategy to push your firm past those financial barriers. With our roadmap & reports, you’re set to reach and surpass that revenue ceiling, driving your practice towards unprecedented growth and success. Let us help turn your firm’s potential into tangible achievements.

client strategy

Unlock your law firm's potential through data and analytics

We understand how it feels to work tirelessly as a family lawyer, dedicating your efforts to assist families while striving to grow your business. Knowing and connecting with your target audience is crucial in this journey. Our client strategies are designed to delve into the core of your family law firm, offering insights and understanding that are pivotal for your growth.

Remember, data and analytics hold the key to unlocking potential. With a deep understanding of your clients, your law firm might exploit opportunities to expand and break through that revenue ceiling.

Law SEO empowers you with essential tools: an SEO Strategy Report, a Marketing Strategy Report, and Deep Dive SMART Goals. These resources are crafted to profoundly comprehend your clientele, enabling you to effectively fit your law firm’s positioning.

We understand the challenges of fully grasping your client’s needs and the frustration it brings. Our solution bridges this gap, ensuring you can meet and exceed your growth aspirations. Let us help you transform your understanding into actionable strategies, driving your family law firm to new heights.

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Our 6 steps Client Strategy process that sets your brand from others

This formula sets our client strategy apart, using these strategies we trigger the emotions of your clients and lead them to book a call with you

Step 1: Target Audience

As a business lawyer, it’s crucial to identify your target audience, understand their needs, and offer solutions to their legal challenges.

Step 2: Challenges

LawSEO identifies and incorporates your audience’s legal problems into our marketing content to connect with their emotions.

Step 3: Showing Empathy

Now that we’ve identified their legal challenges, it’s crucial to demonstrate empathy. You show that you understand them and are here to support them to overcome their legal issues.

Step 4: Gives plan

In your marketing collateral, you present your prospects with a clear, step-by-step strategy to address their legal issues, guiding them towards a solution.

Step 5: Call to Action

You encourage your potential clients to take advantage of a Free Initial Consultation lasting 30 minutes to an hour. This offer will give them a glimpse into your service and support and help build their comfort and trust in you.

Step 6: Success and Failures

Highlight the risks of not engaging a lawyer like you, pointing out the potential pitfalls and the negative consequences they could face. Simultaneously, we’ll underscore the benefits and successful outcomes they can expect by choosing your services.

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What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

Running a family law firm is difficult enough without worrying about an SEO campaign. What you need is an agency specialising in law firm SEO services. As law firm SEO experts, let us handle your local SEO and get your legal services ranking in local search results.

Niche Experience

LawSEO specialises in working with Family Lawyers in Australia. We know exactly what family lawyers need and how to market them so your firm stands out as the best choice in your local area.

Guaranteed Results

With years of experience working with Family Lawyers, we’ve developed SEO and Web Design strategies that have successfully increased the number of potential clients for family law clients.

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3 clients per location

That’s right. We only take on three clients in each area. This is because we want your firm to become the top choice for family law in your local area.


Avoid These Law Firm Business Mistakes

Avoiding common business mistakes is crucial for law firms aiming for growth and success

Ignoring website and SEO analytics

Failing to monitor and analyse your website and SEO analytics is a critical oversight. These analytics provide essential data on how potential clients find and interact with your online presence, including which pages they visit, how long they stay, and what actions they take. By paying attention to this information, law firms gain vital insights that could drive website improvements, content strategy adjustments, and SEO optimisations, leading to better visibility, higher search rankings, and increased client engagement. Ignoring these analytics means missing the chance to enhance your online footprint and attract more clients through organic search.

Not setting smart goals

Without Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals, it’s challenging to direct your firm’s growth and measure success. SMART goals provide a clear roadmap for where you want your firm to go and how to get there, ensuring every effort contributes to your overarching objectives. Neglecting to set these goals can result in scattered efforts and missed opportunities for improvement and expansion.

Ignoring marketing report

Overlooking the insights from marketing reports can lead to uninformed decisions and strategies. These reports offer valuable data on the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, client engagement, and areas for optimisation. By analysing these insights, law firms can use opportunities to refine their marketing tactics, better target their audience, and, ultimately, attract more clients. Ignoring marketing reports means flying blind in a competitive landscape, risking resources on strategies that don’t yield returns.


It's Time to Take Action

We are passionate about helping family lawyers take their law firm to the next level. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our results.

Eliminate substandard SEO

We understand that you may have had negative experiences with SEO campaigns before with their black hat practices. Subpar performance from unprofessional agencies is inexcusable. However, it doesn’t change the fact that effective white hat law firm SEO is essential to your firm’s survival in the modern online world. It shouldn’t take potential clients more than a quick google search to find your practice. 


Let us handle your Website Design

Let us take care of your website design. At LawSEO, we specialise in family law, crafting web designs that attract and convert visitors into clients. Our proven approach ensures your site looks great and drives results.

Family Law Focused Agency

As a family law agency, we tailor our website strategies exclusively to the unique needs of the family law niche, understanding that each practice area demands a specific approach. Our dedication is solely to family law, ensuring our expertise aligns with your requirements. This focused approach guarantees that our strategies are ideally suited to meet the distinct needs of your niche.

Stay ahead of the pack

In our experience, family law firms are especially cognisant of how important it is to achieve high search engine rankings. If you want to compete, you need to match that energy. With our proven SEO and Website Design strategy, You’ll be first in organic search results sooner than you think.

Australian based

When you sign with us, we will provide an upfront SEO report. This report will detail the current competitive landscape, provide a rundown of the top keywords to target, and provide a website audit completely free of charge.

Limited We spots available

We prioritise quality over quantity in everything we do. To maintain the quality of our service, we can only accept a limited number of clients. We offer our services to three clients per location, so if you want to work with us, time is limited.

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Partner with Niche Experience Agency

Family Law is our expertise, and we guarantee you will get results once you partner with us. 

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The Team Focused on Helping You Reach More Paying Clients

At LawSEO, we focus on helping our clients achieve their goals. Whether booking 21-plus clients monthly or helping you work less in the business and more on it.  

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Growth Specialist
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Invest in a niche experience agency that guarantees results & 10x your ROI.

We confidently say this as our clients keep partnering with us and remain satisfied with their results.

Make your firm the first choice for families seeking legal guidance in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main goal of Law SEO's client strategy service?

Law SEO’s client strategy service aims to help family law firms better understand and connect with their target audience. By delving into your law firm’s core, they provide insights and understanding crucial for growth, enabling firms to exploit opportunities to expand and break through revenue ceilings.
The service combines data, analytics, and a deep understanding of a law firm’s clientele. Law SEO provides essential tools, including an SEO Strategy Report, a Marketing Strategy Report, and Deep Dive SMART Goals, designed to help law firms effectively position themselves in the market and meet their growth aspirations.

Key components include an SEO Strategy Report that analyses your firm’s online presence, a Marketing Strategy Report that outlines practical marketing approaches, and Deep Dive SMART Goals that set realistic, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives for your firm.

Family law firms looking to grow their business, better understand their client’s needs, and effectively position themselves in the competitive market can benefit from this service. It’s beneficial for firms that need help connecting with their target audience or breaking through their current revenue ceiling.

Interested law firms can start by scheduling a discovery call with Law SEO to discuss their needs and challenges. This initial consultation will help both parties understand how Law SEO’s client strategy service can be used to meet the firm’s growth objectives.

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