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Need to grow big in 2022 and beyond?

SEO is critical for Law Firms that want to survive

I get it, and there are too many options for advertising. Your costs are blowing out, and you are worried about where your next client will come from. We work exclusively with only one law firm in each city. Don't miss out secure your spot as our preferred SEO law firm partner. 


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is essential to law firms

A strong and growing client base and the associated cash flow are the lifeblood of all law firms. You cannot continue to practise if you aren't engaging new clients and collecting fees. Difficulties arising from an inability to attract clients are a perennial concern and require constant attention. 

What is going wrong with our law firm?

You are a strong law firm with experienced lawyers who advocate for your clients effectively. However, you still require more sales. You frequently wonder where your next sales will come from; you think about it frequently. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a steady stream of new clients generated by SEO organic traffic?

Why don't our SEO results lead to new customers?

Current clients are leaving despite your best efforts, and new business is not flowing in fast enough to compensate. Is it time for a shift in digital marketing? There are numerous ways to accomplish this. Advertising costs can be substantially expensive. Have you considered a long-term automated SEO strategy of new clients

What systems do I need to put in place?

You may experience a slow downtrend at first, but if it isn’t dealt with quickly, it will soon become a catastrophic problem. 

How can I connect easily with new law clientele?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, the problem isn’t the quality of your service. The problem is getting your service in front of the right people. That’s where Law SEO will achieve customised results for you with our proven SEO systems.


Keyword domination

Keyword dominiation


Do some of these issues sound familiar?

Common family law firm problems we hear from our law clients

There may be any number of challenges preventing you from attaining your desired growth.

My firm provides compelling legal services but isn't attracting clients

The best service in the world won’t succeed if nobody knows about it. Your law firm’s website is one of your greatest assets in the contemporary world. There are many ways to connect with potential customers. Crafting an online strategy is complex but will define whether you succeed or fail.

Fast Remarketing Services
Conversion Focused SEO Law Strategy

I don't have time to focus on SEO 

We understand the extreme workload a family lawyer has. But, without an effective SEO plan, it will be almost impossible to achieve any future growth. It’s essential, then, to have an experienced, proven agency on your side to handle your law firm’s website. 

I'm not ranking on Google for relevant search terms

If people can’t find you online, your business won’t survive long. Not ranking high on search engine results pages must be rectified as soon as possible with proper law firm SEO. 

High Ranking Local SEO
Quickly out Rank your Competitors

I haven't aligned my website with local competitors

A family law firm should focus on achieving local SEO rankings. Competitors practising in a different state are irrelevant and should not factor into your strategy. Appearing in local search results will connect you with prospective clients. Not understanding the state of the competition in your immediate area who offer similar legal services can put you behind as a business.

I'm struggling with the correct messaging

Persuasive writing is not easy and can often be more art than science. Not conveying that you understand your client’s problems and why you are the solution will make winning their trust and business difficult. 

Creative Persuasive Content
Content Delivery that Ranks

I can't provide consistent online content to rank well

Again, it’s understandable that a family lawyer’s schedule would make it difficult to update a website with new content week after week. However, any SEO program is effectively useless without this kind of dedication.


Consistent organic SEO results for your law firm

If you are experiencing any combination of these issues, our services are tailor-made for law firms. Our approach has produced extraordinary results for past and present clients in achieving more than $1 million in revenue. Let us do the same for you with a specialised SEO program designed for your unique circumstances.

The very first thing we do.
Customised content proven to increase client conversions.
A faster more user friendly experience.
Transparent and easy to understand reports.


How to avoid a bad law firm SEO experience

You understand the importance of SEO but didn’t achieve the results you anticipated when you worked with another agency. Even after months of SEO efforts, you were ranking poorly, and there was no material difference in your business.

This experience may have put you off professional SEO specialists, thinking that maybe SEO is just the luck of the draw. Perhaps the search engine algorithms are too convoluted, and it’s all just potluck. However, it has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with the quality of the agency’s work. There are many reasons why these programs don’t work out. These reasons include:

Making long-term promises of good ranking

Guaranteeing the top spot for any keyword or phrase over the long term is an entirely spurious promise. As software and content get tweaked, the ranking order will inevitably get reshuffled. Search engine algorithms change, as do the web pages of your competitors.

This constant change isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Over time, specific keywords may become irrelevant to you. However, it’s unrealistic to expect to rank highly for a search term over a long time. An effective SEO agency will constantly reassess its approach in light of the shifting online landscape.

Getting involved with link schemes

While any SEO specialist would acknowledge that link building is essential, how you do it is equally as crucial. Link-building schemes will destroy your credibility and potentially even get you unindexed. These schemes incorporate you into a link farm, usually for a fee, as a way to improve your SEO. Search engines aren’t stupid, though; you will be found out and punished if you participate.

Search engines like Google hate spam and will only reward you for gaining links from relevant websites. Achieving genuine links from websites that genuinely believe in what you do is more difficult but will ultimately provide much more benefit.

If an SEO agency tries to convince you with easy backlinks, run for the hills. Nothing in quality white hat SEO practices is easy or cheap.

Not understanding your industry

Every industry is different and requires a different SEO approach. An agency must take the time to get to know your industry and your business’s place inside it. Without this knowledge, they won’t understand the ranking factors necessary to get you to the top of page one. They may not care enough and want to achieve the bare minimum for you and leave, which is also relevant to the next point.

If possible, it’s worth working with an SEO specialist with expertise in your field. Even then, it’s still essential for them to fully understand your business’s unique position. You’re in good hands knowing that our copywriters and owner have excellent knowledge of The Family Law Book written by Robert Glad-Wright.

No ongoing maintenance

SEO is not a one-and-done activity. Algorithms change, and so does the competition. What works today may not work tomorrow. If an agency thinks they can set up business websites and walk away, they clearly don’t understand SEO fundamentals.

Practical SEO efforts need constant reevaluation and the ability to act quickly to rectify any issues and take advantage of any opportunities. This strategizing requires clear and open communication. An SEO agency should follow up with you and provide ongoing updates and support. If they aren’t, they are likely only interested in short-term gain and are not worth your money.

Step 4: Optimising off-page SEO through directory listings

Do you want more family law clients through directory listings?

We will list your website on high-ranking online directories. We understand the importance of quality over quantity. Therefore, we will focus on listings with high domain authority and directly relevant to your location and industry.
Contact us and well show you how

Step 5: Technical SEO optimisation

Do you want a faster more user friendly website?

Optimising your website's content is only half the battle. Technical optimisations also play a significant role in pushing your site to the front of the pack. Leveraging Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other specialized software, we will give you a complete website audit to determine the necessary improvements.
What we will pursue includes:
- Internal linking;
- UX improvements;
- Metadata optimization;
- Proper web page indexation.


It's time to take action

We are passionate about helping family lawyers take their law firm to the next level. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our results.

Eliminate substandard SEO

We understand that you may have had negative experiences with SEO campaigns before with their black hat practices. Subpar performance from unprofessional agencies is inexcusable. However, it doesn’t change the fact that effective white hat law firm SEO is essential to your firm’s survival in the modern online world. It shouldn’t take potential clients more than a quick google search to find your practice. 

Let us handle your SEO

As we’ve said already, we know that your time is precious. You have your priorities, which means shelving anything that isn’t critically important. It may be tempting to put SEO into this category to spend more time with clients. That’s perfectly understandable. However, rather than highlighting the irrelevance of SEO, this demonstrates the value of partnering with an experienced SEO expert.

Law firm focused SEO

At Law SEO, we pride ourselves on serving family law professionals. But, we don’t spread ourselves across the entire legal industry. We don’t apply our SEO law systems to commercial or criminal law areas. We specialise solely in the highly complex area of family law. This focus allows us to hit the ground running when we first interact with you. Of course, we still take the time to understand your particular circumstances. But we don’t need to spend valuable time getting up-to-speed on the state of the industry.

Stay ahead of the pack

In our experience, family law firms are especially cognisant of how important it is to achieve high search engine rankings. If you want to compete, you need to match that energy. With our proven SEO strategy, You’ll be first in organic search results sooner than you think.


Australian based SEO

When you sign with us, we will provide an upfront SEO report. This report will detail the current competitive landscape, a rundown of the top keywords to target, and a website audit completely free of charge.

Limited SEO spots available

We prioritise quality over quantity in everything we do. To maintain the quality of our service, we can only accept a limited number of clients. We offer our services to one client per city, so if you want to work with us, time is limited.


Just picture it: this is your websites new traffic.


Client Testimonials

Mat offered some really timely and practical tips to get my website on track. His knowledge and experience shows through his comprehensive report. Highly recommended!
Bill Lee-Emery
Bill Lee-Emery
Mat was previously in charge of our SEO, and when he founded the agency Raw SEO, I re-partnered with him. Mat has a deep understanding of local SEO, which has helped our Sunshine Coast family law firm achieve a lot of success. We are thrilled to have joined again in such a competitive market.
Luke Shanahan
Luke Shanahan
The team at Raw and Mat did a great job with our not for profit website, we feel very confident with our SEO.
Caroline Wales
Caroline Wales
Mat helped us set up a website for e-commerce. It was quick and easy to deploy. We weren't sure about how to approach seo, so definitely needed his help. Cheers
Cameron Scherer
Cameron Scherer

Issues some of our Family Law SEO clients are facing?

There may be any number of challenges preventing you from attaining your desired growth.

Want to fast track and find out why now? Click the button below and book an appointment.

5 simple SEO steps to gaining more law firm clients!

Step 1: Thorough keyword research

We will first research relevant keywords and assess their relative competitiveness and difficulty in ranking. We then produce a report detailing a keyword’s search volume, Google ad cost-per-click (CPC), as well as information on related keywords.

Step 2: Google and Bing business profiles

Do you want to rank in Google and Bing maps?

Setting up business profiles on Google and Bing ensures that your business will be searchable through Google Maps and Bing Maps. Getting exposure on these apps is a basic necessity for SEO purposes. Without them, your business may as well be invisible. We will help you rank in number 1 position.
Contact us and we will show you how

Step 3: Law firm website optimisation

Do you want to rank on the 1st page of Google?

Onsite optimisation makes it as easy as possible for Google to understand what your website is about and rank it accordingly. Optimisation can include many different processes, such as:
- Researching relevant blog topics;
- Keyword targeting;
- Highly targeted landing pages;
- Optimized content.


If you're not satisfied, we won't rest until you are.

If you’re thinking about expanding your family law practice with the help of a results-driven specialist agency like Law SEO, we recommend that you follow these steps first.